she slips in

drinks slips widdershins white shins soon

fins rill fills frills swim skin still smells lily

limbs skim stickle stems slim flimsy slimy

skin swims frilled shrinking wrinkles

ontheblinks winking water wafts

willowthewhisperwise blackwards

winnowing winding minnows mink-clinks

milky skin stills smells inky rank sinks

wakes to kids chinking kitchen sink


Ophelia’s Wikipedia Lookbook in Three Glances

How you begin sitting, flowered,

hands to your hair like a Loréal ad,

poppied, daisied, grey dress creased

before a zigzag of lily pads.


Of a sudden blonde, in blue and pink

under willow fuzzed dusty, spot-lit.

You’re sat on the surface like it’s

an ice chaise longue. Not convinced.


Last the grey under your jaw tells

how greenly keenly cold it is. What the hell

Hamlet/Everett, let me out. Skirt swells,

then oddly flattens to hold more petals.