woman, reciprocally: i write this through ‘woman’ for Maya Angelou

woman, reciprocally

Inasmuch as I am a woman
Much as in woman is an ‘I’

I speak with a woman’s voice
A woman’s voice speaks me

A woman is a universe of atoms
A woman is an atom in the universe[1]
The universe is an atom of woman
An atom is a universe of woman
An atom is a woman’s universe
The universe is a woman’s atom

A woman is within and beyond
Beyond and within is a woman

She speaks this poem to me
I speak this poem to her
She is speaking through me
I am speaking through her

A woman is not woman and woman is not a woman

(Eavesdropper what are you here buzzing
along a perch in? Sing sing your analysis
of that womanly phenomena called universe,
your atom of wisdom ‘I’ spoken sweetly through
as Mississippi. Sing sing a lullaby
eavesdropper to awaken whom. Woman is a big song
to sing us through, sing us through, sing
us through. A woman slips right through you
beyond and within a big big song as whom.)


[1]Ella J. Chappell, “Feynman in translation”, available at <http://keepitsugarless.tumblr.com/post/55907814125/feynman-in-translation&gt; (accessed 13 May 2014).