This project is an exploration of women, art, hysteria – primarily in poetry. It is hoped it will help to elucidate a Theory of Brilliant Women.


‘I’ am a particular constellation of photons named Tutsan Tormentil. ‘I’ am a woman, an artist, and a hysteric.

Tutsan – tout sain – tous saints – tes seins – tut tut

Tormentil – tormented – torment, ill – torment, I’ll

Arthyster – artist, hysteric, sister – the madwoman in the studio  (I am and have a sister, her name is Toril)

Palimpsextette – palimpsest – pal, imp, sexy – pale limp (weaker) sex – ~ette – tête

Voxenglyph – vox (clamantis – clematis), vixen (sexualised) – glyphs – griphs – english – a voice in code









All texts and images on tutsan.wordpress.com are (C) Flo Reynolds, 2014. All rights reserved.


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